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We offer the following business tax services:


1. S Corporations


2. C Corporations


3. Partnerships


4. LLCs


5. Charitable Foundations


6. Trusts & Estates


7. Employee Benefit Plans


8. Sales and Use Tax Returns


9. Payroll Tax Returns


10. Property Tax Returns


11. All State Income tax returns


12.  IRS, State and Local Authority Audits and Representation


13. Small Business Income Tax Planning


14. Small Business Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments


14. Tax Consulting







We provide monthly bookkeeping services and financial statement preparation for small businesses as well as larger companies.  This service allows business owners to focus on their businesses while "keeping a pulse on the bottom line" throughout the year.  At year end, the accounting provided for throughout the year is used to do the business income tax returns. 







We provide payroll services unique to your company.  Whether your company is one individual or one thousand individuals, we have the services available to meet your needs and compliance requirements. 


If your business has received payroll tax notices, contact us so that we can begin the process of tax resolution and file any unfiled tax returns.



Business Startup


When an individual or group of indviduals starts a business, there are several choices to be made including which accounting software and entity structure to use.  This can be a daunting task. At NTD Accounting and Tax Services, Inc., we work with the business owner to determine the best entity structure as well as the most practical accounting software to use.  We realize that no two companies or individuals are alike, and therefore require optimization of these choices.  



Cash Management


At NTD Accounting & Tax Services, Inc. we provide cash flow projections for your business.  This enables your business to determine if additional funding is needed as well as when and whether owners can take distributions.  The phrase "Cash is King" holds true to every business. 



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